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Family Conversations

These conversations are impacted by family dynamics, opposing desires, parents fear of losing control and sharing vulnerabilities.  Kids are overwhelmed with fears of taking responsibility and acknowledging their parents’ frailties’ that come with the aging process:

We Can Help:

  • A series of personalized meetings
  • Understanding Family Dynamics
  • Together we Explore the Five Topics
  • Understanding Seniors Housing
  • Estate Strategy
  • Determining Family Roles and preferences
    Crafting a proactive strategy for aging concerns


Percent of people say talking with loved ones about end-of-life care is important


Percent that have actually done it


We have curated and extensive resource library with the educational materials, worksheets and links to professionals who are trained to help you through this tough time.


  • Curated Information Library
  • Help Finding Professionals
  • Themes for Family Conversations
  • Worksheets

Peace of Mind

It’s important to understand and accept that health and financial issues will occur as we age.  We help you rest easy knowing you are prepared for the future no matter what happens.

  • A Plan of Action
  • Family Agreement
  • Financial Continuity
  • Overcome the hurdles of supporting aging loved ones
  • Less Worry


Percent of people say it is important to put their wishes in writing


Percent of people have actually done so

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 
― Benjamin Franklin