As humans, we avoid uncomfortable situations.  Adding family dynamics and aging parents to this equation will typically postpone important conversations.  This has adult children often making critical decisions about a parent’s care or housing; in times of crisis with inadequate information and preparation.  

Thankfully, there is a path to help adult children and elder parents get in sync to address managing the inevitable challenges of aging.  Generational Conversations works with families to craft proactive plans for Housing Options, Care Management, Financial Continuity, Legal Strategies, and Security.

Sidney Browning, the founder of Generational Conversations, created this program out of seeing families face these situations firsthand.  Mr. Browning is a Certified Financial Planner and co-founder of Integras Partners,an investment management firm in Alpharetta, Georgia.  He says, “We’ve all be touched by eldercare situations.  In my 20 years of working with individuals and families, I’ve seen these situations go sideways and others very smoothly.  Our goal is to provide a catalyst, resources, and support for proactive conversations that create peace for families to enjoy their remaining time together and handle a crisis gracefully.”

Families are invited to visit their website at and download their free “Themes for Family Conversations”.  There you can also learn about symposiums, designed for families to come together, learn about the challenges and resources available and start their own process.  They also offer curated information and a neutral coach for families who desire a more structured approach. 

Interested readers can schedule a ten-minute call online or inquire via email at